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Frequently Asked Question

What does SEO do for me?

SEO (search engine optimization) is how you are found on the internet. Some things of course are more important that others. We focus on things that will keep you being in the correct positions for the long run.

Organic SEO - PCP - Digital Marketing

Everyone will call you and offer to get you to the number 1 spot on Google. OK great that can cost thousands.

We help you design a marketing plan online that actually attracts paying customers. It can be a mix of many items depending on your time and budget. 

You need customers, not the highest ranking on Google. Let us show you why.

Redesign or Update the website?

Both have their place. Number one is own your URL, website, and content. That way no one can control your business decisions. 

Redesign if you are so out of date that catching up costs too much. Redesign if you are wanting to really catch the eye and have people spend time on your content.

Update to add newer technology to your site. Update to get your picture out there. Update to add video so that people can understand why you!

Do you offer maintenance

Yes. We can maintain, update, and help you ensure your site works for you. There are many small udpates you need to keep up on each month. Why not offload that work so your team can focus on what you do best?

What can Business Consulting do for me?

We help you evaluate your business to ensure the highest possible profits. Industry standards, help to make teams more efficient, and a balanced view of your P&L. These keys make a difference in your ability to ensure that your customers are served and your employees have the ability to have good work tomorrow.

Will you manage the project?

Once we have established the challenges for your company we will provide a written review of each component that needs attention. You can hire us to manage the adjustments and implement the programs. Or you can take the lead and have us come back to do inspections and updates with you.

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